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World Wide Pictures Completes Race for Life 10K Challenge

Last month, the ladies from World Wide Pictures took part in the Race For Life 10K to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Our team turned up proudly sporting our pink Race for Life 2017 t-shirts.

It was a fantastic race to take part in, the atmosphere was fun and uplifting, and what stood out the most was the amount of support that was shown from those who were observing.

There were so many women of all ages partaking, many of whom may have lost loved ones to cancer, so this was more than just a race for them – this was their way of taking action.

Being a fun and non-competitive event most of our team were just pleased to cross the finish line, but credit where it’s due, our very own Jo Hardcastle finished in an incredible 5th place overall.

Even more incredible though was raising an outstanding £650 for Cancer Research.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our terrific sponsors and supporters for their donations. We were all proud to have taken part and we look forward to doing another Race for Life next year!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to make your donation, there’s still time. Please visit our Just Giving page.

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