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Created Out of Mind Launch Film

The task

Created Out of Mind is a team aiming to explore, challenge and shape perceptions and understanding of dementias through science and the creative arts

Launched in 2016, the project brings together scientists, visual artists, musicians, broadcasters, clinicians and carers – all collaborating to explore what dementia means to the individual, as well as how best they can challenge traditional definitions and common misconceptions of people living with a dementia.

Based in the unique creative space at The Hub in London, as part of the Wellcome Trust, the team seek to enhance the lives of people living with a dementia, using art and science, whilst further learning about the vast and long-lasting effects of dementia related conditions.

In the film, we wanted to impart the team’s work investigating art, consciousness and the brain. It was important that we included the views and experiences of people living with dementia, to reflect one of the core project principles. We were privileged to spend time with John, Ellen and Peter, who candidly talked about their experiences with dementia, and are featured in the documentary style film.

The film also features members of the Created Out of Mind Hub team, who help shine a light on how the team is studying the experience of dementia, as well as working towards a bigger picture; improving the perception of those living with dementia.

We included visuals of an art installation produced for the Hub, to highlight the practical work, and Created Out Of Mind helped us to source footage of their previous science and art based events, so we could present a full picture of the insights and the supporting public activities.

The launch video provides an insight into the work that takes place at Created Out of Mind, and it is truly inspiring to see some of the participants speak so passionately about their ongoing or new found love for the arts, as they learn to deal with the changes taking place following a dementia diagnosis.

We specialise in charity video production and we’ve got a long and successful track record in awareness and fundraising campaigns. We have worked with a number of great charities including Tusk, The National Autistic Society and Save The Children.


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Created Out of Mind Launch Film